Atlantis Electronic Systems

Atlantis Electronic Systems (Pty) Ltd (AES) acted as a consultant for the Naval degaussing range. AES in conjunction ULTRA Electronics UK was a supplier to the South African Navy Project Stanchion..
AES is a local representative to Ultra Electronics, providing logistic support. The company has a wide range of activities and capabilities such as:

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    Project Stanchion

    PHASE 1
    Acoustic and Magnetic Measurement Ranges

    Supply and acceptance of underwater portable multi-influence signature measurement range system. Influences measured include magnetic, electric, acoustic, seismic and pressure. The portable range is suitable for use in the open ocean, in shallow water and for harbour entrance application

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    Project Stanchion

    PHASE 2
    Magnetic Treatment Facility

    Supply and acceptance of a fixed system for the magnetic treatment of the Valour Class Frigates /Type A 209 -1400 Submarines to minimise a ship’s signature so as to prevent the triggering of magnetic influence mines that may litter coastal waters in times of war. The ship’s electric field can similarly be minimised.

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